Bulls look better when they’re dusty

Just yell out and I’ll get back to you!

Cattle and bulls are some of my favourite animals to photograph. And they’re not always clean. In fact, I think they’re better with a bit of mud on them. I just really like to capture how they are in that moment. I might take fifty or more photos until I feel I’ve got just the right image that becomes a fine art print or canvas for your wall.

Hi, I’m Jana,
the human behind the camera

I live on a sheep and beef farm in the Tararua with my awesome support crew, husband Will and our son Cooper. I’ve loved animals for as long as I can remember and grew up rurally with ponies, pet sheep orphaned from my grandparents’ farm and lots of country school pet days.

Putting my passions together

In my mind, I pictured the perfect present, a Hereford bull fine art print for my Dad’s birthday – and one for my own wall at home too. But no amount of searching or Googling could find that image I had in my head. 

Somehow I’d almost forgotten I’d done a Diploma in Photography… My life had taken a whole new turn after I graduated, becoming a shepherd on various sheep and beef farms, going back to my first love of animals. I’d got married and become a mum….

That’s the moment when my two passions happily collided and it dawned on me that I already had everything I needed right now to create that image. I had the photography skills and lived on a farm after all! I could do it myself!

The Dusty Bull is born

So I picked up my camera and started my journey photographing animals and then botanicals. Now my two loves, animals and photography, have become one, and I’m as happy as a pig in mud about it. Or a dusty bull!

From 2018 I did photography locally as Jana Paige & Co, but when Cooper (and Covid) came along, things got put on hold. Now I’ve regathered myself and rebranded as The Dusty Bull offering a menagerie of fine art prints and canvases.

Take a look and see which one is calling out to come and live with you on your home or office wall.

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