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To get the most out of your print or canvas, please note that hanging in damp areas such as bathrooms is not recommended as this can damage the print over time.

Avoid hanging in direct sunlight as this may fade your print or canvas over time.

Avoid touching your print as finger marks can damage prints, especially on black. Our prints come with a white border for handling purposes. If you are framing yourself, we recommend not handling the print and leaving it in the protective tube it was delivered in until it is framed to prevent damage. We realise that’s hard and that you will want to roll out your print and look at it, but we highly recommend you don’t to avoid fingerprints on your precious print!

We strongly recommend getting your print professionally framed either through us or any other professional picture framer, as this helps with the durability of your print. However, if you’re not framing through The Dusty Bull some other affordable framing options to consider are; The Warehouse, Warehouse Stationery or Kmart.

As our prints are made to order, please allow 1 week for unframed prints to be shipped and 2-3 weeks for canvas and framing to be shipped. Knick knacks are already in stock so please allow 2-3 working days for these to be shipped. You will receive tracking details once your item is shipped.

Our frames and canvases are carefully packaged to avoid damage in paper/cardboard. Unframed prints are placed in a heavy duty tube, or a clear package with a backing card for smaller prints.

Everything is made to order and our frames are also handmade, so please note shipping times may vary depending on demand.

We do not offer a refund policy due to a change of mind, unless it is a damaged good.

If you receive a damaged good, please email me with photographic evidence as soon as possible and we will arrange a replacement. thedustybull@gmail.com

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